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27 February 2008 @ 08:09 pm
SchOol was okay.. Hspa is right there and im stressing so freaking much! Its mainly the math that I'm wOrried bOut... I didn't wOrkOut tOday I didn't feel gOOd, I felt like thrOwing up so yea I didn't want tO run and feel like thrOWing up. Like im just nOt in the mOod fOr anyOnes crap, my day was Okay just I don't knOw I gOt freakin crap On my plate but that's life right..like randOmly my cOaches wife asks me bOut this bOy that im was/kinda still in lOv with. HOw can yOu kinda still be in lOve with sOmeOne well I don't knOw but I still loOk at him and wish that almOst sOmething happen but yea.. Anyways he's nOt impOrtant. Im cOnfused bOut a lOt Of stuff and I don't nOe hOw tO deal with it...sOmetimes I wish I had a car sO I can drive away frOm everything and everyOne. TOday I saw a cOuple walking dOwn the street and she was signing tO her bOyfriend and I said thOught tO myself that was sO cute and I realized that I NEVER EVER really been asked Out and I never ever really had a bOyfriend but whatever that isn't impOrtant. I c and hear all my friends talk bOut their guys and stuff they've did which was pretty wOwzers and OmgOsh and I never did stuff clOse tO that, well Of cOurse nOt because nO guy wants tO hav a fat girl as their girlfriend cause its just nOt right, cause she's nOt sexy or fly Or whatever. I always feel this way.. Why dOes the wOrld hav to be sO .. What's the wOrd? SO freakin wOrried bOut the appearance and ugh whatever im nOt in a gOod mOOd.
<3 Jay
Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: lonely world- robin thicke