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13 October 2008 @ 01:13 pm
Can you believe that I have school today?! Its ridiculous like what the f?! But its whatever because we have friday off but we have a game so im not sure about what's going on. Im trying to go to dorney park, the halloween haunt for my bday well actually on saturday but I have to call and ask bout government discount. I haven't gotten a chance to because all the crap I've been doing also I don't have a costume which really sucks too. Todays going to be a slow day too and I have practice and I can't remember the last time I had practice so im probably not going to be able to do that long ass run but ima say to myself that I know I can. My day at school is pretty good so far. A regular day at school but this week is going to be pretty good cause tuesday I have a trip for photography and wednesdays my birthday and friday no school and hopefully saturday we'll go to the halloween haunt at dorney park. So anyway im on my way to soccer practice hopefully we'll get moving but my coach isn't on the bus lol. Omgosh soccer was so much fun, like I thought I wasn't going to b able to do the run but I was. Today was fun overall, it really was I enjoyed my day and plus 2 more days till my birthday!
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